Want to go green but are worried about spending too much green? Pure Green has compiled a list of our favorite eco-solutions to help your bottom line.
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Global Warming Hitting U.S. Harder and Faster Than Expected
The American Geophysical Union released their annual report It warns of the potential for abrupt climate change, faster than expected sea ice melt, and the possibility of a permanent drought in the American Southwest.
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What's in Your Drinking Water?
“The LADWP encourages women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant to consult their physicians regarding drinking water and pregnancy" - LAWD Water Quality Report 2007
While it has become standard to see this sort of warning on hazardous materials, most would never expect it for drinking water.
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The Problem With Plastic
People across the continent use plastics every day. We brush our teeth with plastic toothbrushes, store our food and drinks in plastic containers, and use electronics made with plastics. Yet little attention has been given to the hazards of continuous exposure to toxic chemicals in the plastics we use.
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