Coffee Solutions

The Problem

  • Millions of acres of rain forest are being destroyed to grow coffee cheap
  • Children are used to pick coffee beans rather than going to school
  • Industrial coffee plantations decrease biodiversity and the environmental integrity of an ecosystem
  • "Coffee runs" in the office mean decreased productivity
  • Standard coffee makers scorch your coffee and waste energy

The Solution

Organic Fair Trade Certified Coffee


  • Shade grown coffee means no deforestation
  • Preserves bio-diversity
  • Provides pure, naturally great-tasting coffee
  • Promotes sustainable farming practices
  • Supporting community development projects such as roads and schools

Pure Green Commercial Brewers are Versatile

Single cup brewing means you always get a perfect cup of your favorite brew. Simple to use and convenient, there is never a mess to clean up and no more "coffee runs"--just great coffee that is ready when you are.

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Pure Green Corp has helped reduce greenhouse gases by over pounds and counting!