Toner Solutions

The Problem

  • Eighty percent (400 million) of all toner cartridges manufactured each year end up in landfills, get incinerated or  get dissolved
  • The toxins from these toner cartridges pollute local air, soil and ground water, contributing to our deepening environmental problems and higher rates of severe birth-defects

 The Solution

Saving the World, One Cartridge at a Time

  • Our recycled toner cartridges help keep 1.8 million spent cartridges out of landfills each year
  • Our imaging supplies conserve precious resources by recycling all components of the toner cartridges
  • All components are locally manufactured and recycled


ISO14001 (World Wide Eco-Certification)
Environmental Management System (EMS) Ensures all phases of operation are eco-friendly


ISO9001 (World-Wide Quality Certification)
Documented established process in producing quality toner


Pure Green Corp has helped reduce greenhouse gases by over pounds and counting!